About me

Michael Leak


I am a qualified South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) Counsellor. I have been married for over 20 years and have two children, the son just turned twenty and my daughter is in her mid-teens. My wife describes me as a sensitive and conscious partner and my extended family would say I am a pillar of strength and support. I have also been involved with outreach programmes that have strengthened my sensitivity to diversity and have helped me develop my leadership and facilitation skills.

I am based in Hout Bay and Claremont in the Western Cape, offering primarily Relationship and Family Therapy. The primary focus of my work is in helping those in relationships (couples/families) find each other again. Sometimes this means learning to forgive each other and getting rid resentment and guilt; at other times it involves working on effective communication where needs can be expressed and responded to.

I have also worked successfully with individuals at a crossroads in their life or those who seek direction and purpose. From early 20’s to mid-40’s, 50’s and beyond. I have supported people to find meaning and fulfillment by clearing the obstacles, (internal and from the outside) from their path. I worked a lot with those in bereavement and dealing with grief or seeking new meaning after losing a loved one. I also offer trauma and addiction counselling.

Much of my success lies in the fact that I have experienced first-hand the pain of loss and overcoming life’s challenges but I have also celebrated love, growth, gratitude and joy. I live by a code of respect and honour and I am passionate about working with you on your journey to establish, re-kindle or find yours.

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